Are Bottled Water Drinkers Getting Enough Fluoride?

water2According to the International Bottled Water Association, Americans consumed more than 8 billion gallons of bottled water in 2009. A recent report from Beverage Marketing found that bottled water consumption grew 120 percent between 2000 and 2015. This increase can be attributed to growing concerns about the negative impact of high-sugar beverages and the general trend toward diets filled with more natural food and drinks.

If you or your family consumes bottled water in significant quantities, you may not be getting enough of the fluoride that is so important to preventing tooth decay. Optimal levels of fluoride for drinking water are 0.7-1.2 part per million; and the fluoride levels in bottled water can vary greatly by brand.

Since most bottled water is derived from fresh surface water sources, it is not surprising to find that the levels in bottled water are generally very low. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average level of fluoride in bottled water is 0.11 ppm. Less than 10 percent of bottled waters contain more than 0.3 ppm.

Bottled water products labeled as de-ionized, purified, demineralized, or distilled have been treated in such a way that they contain no fluoride or only trace amounts—unless they specifically list fluoride as an added ingredient.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates bottled water products, working to ensure that they’re safe to drink. The FDA sets limits for fluoride in bottled water, based on several factors, including the source of the water. You can contact bottled water  manufacturers to ask about the fluoride content of a particular brand if it does not appear on the product label.

If you drink mostly bottled water, Dr. Angell at Angell’s Dentistry can help you determine if you need supplemental fluoride treatments. Fluoride drops or tablets are available for your children if it they are not receiving adequate levels of fluoride.

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