High Acid Foods Can Wear Away Tooth Enamel

acid1If you frequently consume foods and beverages that contain a lot of acid, you could be at risk for tooth erosion, a condition where the thin, protective layer of enamel slowly wears away from your teeth. As these acids destroy tooth enamel, they expose underlying dentin, leaving your teeth vulnerable to sensitivity and tooth decay. In fact, enamel erosion is one of the most common causes of cavities and tooth loss.

Some common foods and beverages that cause enamel erosion include:

  • Lemon, orange, apple and grapefruit juice
  • Citrus fruits, tomatoes and pickles
  • White wine
  • Soda
  • Sports drinks
  • Tea
  • Coffee

Some tips to counteract tooth erosion:

  • Drink acidic beverages through a straw to limit contact with teeth
  • Drink water frequently throughout the day to wash away acid and prevent dry mouth, as saliva is needed to neutralize acid
  • Once you’re done eating, wash your mouth out with water, eat cheese or drink milk to neutralize the acid
  • Wait at least an hour after eating to brush; the abrasive materials in toothpaste can further damage tooth enamel weakened by acid
  • Use a fluoride toothpaste to protect your teeth and reduce sensitivity

Once enamel is lost, it never grows back. Dr. Douglas Angell and the staff at Angell’s Dentistry can help you keep your mouth healthy and take the steps necessary to preserve your enamel for a lifetime of healthy, strong teeth. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for a dental checkup and be sure to visit our website at: www.angellsdentistry.com.

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