Link Between Vitamin D and Childhood Tooth Decay

We’ve heard a lot about vitamin D in recent years. Discovered in the fatty tissue of animals and in plants in 1928, vitamin D is essential in helping the body absorb calcium and promote bone growth.

vitDA number of clinical trials and studies have been done on vitamin D, but the jury is still out on its exact effect on our overall health. But recently, researchers went back and reviewed a series of clinical trials on vitamin D conducted between the 1920s and 1980s on more than 2,000 children in several countries. The studies show with some certainty that, in addition to promoting bone health, vitamin D can help reduce the risk of dental caries in infants and younger children.

Specifically, the studies show the following dental benefits of vitamin D when introduced in childhood:

  • Improved tooth development
  • Better formation of dentin (a component of teeth), with lifetime effects
  • A topical protection similar to fluoride
  • Changes in the amount and components of saliva that enhanced enamel strength
  • Enhanced whole body immunity
  • Up to 47 percent decrease in tooth decay when children received supplements

Because teeth begin to form in utero, researchers have studied and identified a correlation between an expectant mother’s vitamin D intake during pregnancy and her baby’s dental health. Results suggest that simply increasing Vitamin D during pregnancy and early childhood could give kids a better chance of fewer cavities and stronger bones.

If you’re expecting, talk to us about your diet and nutritional supplements, and keep your appointments for regular checkups. Taking the time to care for yourself could increase your baby’s chances for a longer, healthier life!

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