Chewing On Ice Can Cause Tooth Damage

When you’re sipping a cold drink and you happen to crunch down on that nice cold chunk of ice, you probably don’t give it a second thought. Actually, you are putting pressure on your teeth, which then wears down the enamel and sets the stage for cracks or chips in your teeth. Once the enamel is compromised, the underlying dentin is exposed. This weakens a tooth and makes it sensitive.

chewice3When you chew on ice, it also creates a repetitive hot and cold cycle in your mouth, which can cause small cracks in the enamel. Not only will this weaken your teeth, but it could also cause serious problems with fillings. For example, when exposed to hot and cold temperatures, a filling may expand faster than the tooth, which can shorten the life of the filling.

If you constantly feel the urge to chew ice, you could have pica, a serious condition that causes people to have an urge to chew on things that have no nutritional value and even things that can be dangerous. Another condition, iron deficiency anemia, may also make a person want to chew on ice.

Finally, chewing on sharp bits of ice puts you at risk for puncturing your gums. A better choice would be to chew on sugar-free gum instead.

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