Is Your Child Really Brushing?

momgirlbrush1By age 6 or 7, most children gain the coordination to brush or floss their teeth on their own. Of course, you want to believe your child when they say they brushed, but you also know that may not always be the case.

Here are some clues to help you determine whether or not your kids are really brushing when they say they are:

  • Check the toothbrush (before it has time to dry).
  • After your child has brushed, ask for a smile. If you can still see bits of food on or in between your child’s teeth, send your child back to the bathroom for a do-over.
  • Ask your child to wet his or her finger and rub it quickly across the outside and inside of his or her teeth. If the teeth are clean, you will hear a squeaking sound.
  • If your child is brushing and flossing regularly, his or her breath should be fresh.
  • If your child has a toothache, it could mean that they are not brushing as much or as frequently as they should be. Get them in to see Dr. Angell as soon as possible. Brushing is just one part of your child’s total oral health regimen. In order to remove stubborn plaque and tartar buildup and prevent other dental problems, regular exams and cleanings are a must. Dr. Angell will help reinforce the importance of good oral hygiene with your child.

And remember, the best way to teach children how to brush their teeth is to lead by example. Allowing your child to watch you brush your teeth teaches the importance of good oral hygiene.

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