Get a Smile Makeover with Porcelain Veneers

veneersbefaft1Angell’s Dentistry recommends porcelain veneers as a great solution for teeth that appear too small or large, slightly discolored, or are chipped, slightly crooked or simply not cosmetically pleasing to the patient. Veneers consist of extremely thin casings of ceramic that are bonded to the front of the tooth to create a new smile.

When placing porcelain veneers, Dr. Angell pays close attention to the surrounding teeth and designs each veneer to complement your overall smile. Veneers are constructed of the most durable porcelain materials available and can last a long time if cared for properly.

The first step is to prepare each tooth, which involves removing the discolored or unsightly portion of the tooth and meticulously shaping the tooth in preparation for the new veneer. Once the tooth is shaped, an impression is taken and sent to our lab where a new restoration is crafted.  While the new veneers are being created, we provide you with a temporary restoration which resembles your natural teeth so that you can function without worrying about a missing or incompatible tooth.

During your second visit, we will proceed with the placement of your final restoration.  The veneers will be fitted comfortably into the mouth. Every effort is made to ensure that the new tooth feels exactly like one of your natural teeth.  Finally, we will bond the new veneers into your mouth, leaving you with a beautifully restored smile.

If you are looking for a dentist in the Troy area who utilizes the latest dental techniques and technology, be sure to check out Dr. Douglas Angell. Angell’s Dentistry is committed to providing each of our patients with a beautiful, healthy smile and unmatched dental care. Give our office a call at (248) 362-4330 and be sure to visit our website at:

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