Tips on Minimizing Tooth Sensitivity

At one time or another, most of us have experienced a sharp, sudden pain that seems to shoot deep into the nerve endings of a tooth. Often the trigger is obvious—eating hot, cold, sweet or sour foods, or even breathing cold air. Leading causes of sensitivity include enamel loss and gingival recession.

Angell’s Dentistry offers the following tips for preventing and dealing with tooth sensitivity:

  • Use a soft bristled toothbrush and brush gently and carefully around the gum line.
  • Use a desensitizing toothpaste regularly.
  • Use fluoridated products rather than tartar control products, which are more acidic. A fluoridated mouth rinse can decrease sensitivity.
  • Watch your consumption of highly acidic foods (citrus fruits, tomatoes, pickles, tea) which can gradually dissolve tooth enamel, aggravate the sensitivity and start the pain reaction.
  • Use a mouth guard at night if you grind or clench your teeth.
  • See your dentist at regular intervals. Get professional tooth cleaning, oral hygiene instructions, and fluoride treatments every six months or so.

If you still have discomfort, call our office at (248) 362-4330 and ask us about dental procedures specifically designed to reduce sensitivity, such as bonding to cover exposed root surfaces; and fluoride varnishes or dentin sealers applied to the exposed root surface.

If you are looking for a dentist in the Troy area who utilizes the latest dental techniques and technology, be sure to check out Dr. Douglas Angell. Angell’s Dentistry is committed to providing each of our patients with a beautiful, healthy smile and unmatched dental care. Give our office a call at (248) 362-4330 and be sure to visit our website at:

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