Eating Habits That Promote Healthy Teeth

healthyteethfood1We all know that brushing and flossing are important for maintaining a healthy smile. But there are also specific foods we can eat that will improve our oral health.  The American Dental Association (ADA) offers some suggestion on how to eat for a healthy smile. These aren’t just foods that are easy to eat or sugar-free. They have the potential to provide nutrients that are key to keeping teeth healthy.

Do dairy. Not only do milk products contain calcium but milk, yogurt and cheese can raise the pH level in the mouth. That helps neutralize acids that can cause cavities. Calcium-fortified juices, milk and other dairy products, which are rich in calcium and Vitamin D, help promote healthy teeth and bones, and reduce the risk for tooth loss. Cheese unleashes a burst of calcium that mixes with plaque and sticks to the teeth, protecting them from the acid that causes decay and helping to rebuild tooth enamel on the spot.

Crunchy cleans. Firm/crunchy fruits and raw vegetables like apples, pears, carrots and celery, help clean plaque from teeth and freshen breath. These foods have a high water content, which dilutes the effects of the sugars they contain, and stimulate the flow of saliva (which helps protect against decay by washing away food particles and buffering acid).

Vitamin C for the gums. Foods high in vitamin C can help prevent gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease.

Chewing is good. The ADA says chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes a day can help prevent tooth decay by stimulating saliva. Chewing gums with xylitol can even reduce cavities.

Antioxidants and other nutrients found in fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts improve your body’s ability to fight bacteria and inflammation, helping to protect your teeth and gums.

Acidic foods, such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, and lemons, should be eaten as part of a larger meal to minimize the acid from them. More saliva is formed, which helps wash the food, and acid, away from your teeth.

Drink water. Good advice for just about every health issue.

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